Alemba - vFire - Federated CMDB

Federated CMDB

ITIL process

Federated Configuration Management Database (CMDB) populates your CMDB through automated discovery from third party tools.

The information held in existing third party asset discovery and management tools is consolidated to provide a comprehensive view of all infrastructure components (including applications, servers, networks, and storage), and the dependencies between them.

Business benefits:

  • Improved financial planning through clear identification of all assets
  • Enhanced Release Management due to visibility of software changes
  • Guaranteed compliance with legal and contractual obligation

vFire provides:

  • snap-in connector architecture with out-of-the-box connectors for both VMware and third party technologies.
  • federation of resources and linkages from existing data stores, without the need to replicate all data.
  • reconciliation of resources (i.e. matching and removal of duplicates) discovered from multiple sources.
  • automated and regulated application of updates.