Alemba - vFire Delivery Options

vFire Delivery Options

Easy does IT

Alemba offers a flexible approach to Service Management, providing an Enterprise Service Management software solution in the Cloud or On-premise. With Alemba, you are never locked into a single hosting platform – you maintain ownership of your data and choose where it resides. Alemba makes it easy to enter and, just as importantly, exit the Cloud.

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Installed App

Full control

Alemba enables you to own and operate the vFire solution entirely within your environment, whether On-premise or your Cloud.

This ensures that the solution fully complies with your organization’s infrastructure, risk and service levels, and gives you full control of the end-to-end platform

Software as a Service

Software as a Service

It's SaaS simple

Backed by a world-class Cloud provider, Alemba’s Software as a Service (SaaS) offering delivers a seamless solution to your business, removing the need to host, manage and patch your Alemba Service Manager environment.

Managed Administration Service

Let us do the hard work for you

Whether you choose to deploy On-premise or in the Cloud, our on-demand service takes care of all the day-to-day administration and configuration of your Alemba Service Manager system. Let our team of highly skilled product experts ensure you always have the software configured in the best way, allowing you to focus on providing great service to your customers.

Service Management as a Service

Service Management as a Service

The complete solution

Alemba’s Service Management as a Service offering brings together the SaaS and Managed Administration services to provide a complete Managed Service solution. Service Management as a Service goes far above and beyond SaaS - it removes the need for you to become a product expert.

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Alemba Rapid Start

Agile – a fresh approach to service delivery

Alemba’s delivery methodology is based on Agile software development practices, and takes an iterative approach to solution configuration by using regular feedback intervals. As a result, customer needs and expectations are repeatedly fed back into the solution cycle and the risk of failing to meet business requirements is mitigated.

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