Alemba - vFire - Configuration Management

Configuration Management

ITIL process

All ITSM processes touch against Configuration Management. Understanding and documenting your technical resources and their inter-relationships is crucial to providing stable IT services.

When following Change or Release Management Processes you need to have a clear understanding of the potential impacts that changes can have before they are made. vFire maintains information about each Configuration Item (CI) and its relationship with other CIs and services within the Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

Business benefits:

  • Easier financial planning through clear identification of all hardware and software
  • Improved release management due to the visibility of software changes
  • Guaranteed compliance with legal and contractual obligations

vFire provides:

  • a graphical representation of relationships and dependencies between IT services and assets within an enterprise.
  • quick identification of the potential cause of issues through automated root cause analysis.
  • the ability to simulate outage scenarios to identify single points of failure as well as the assets and stakeholders that will be impacted by an outage.
  • control of CMDB updates through the Change and Release Management processes.
  • the ability to specify who can view and update CMDB items and change periods when updates are allowed.
  • version control of a CI throughout its lifecycle and the ability to roll-back to a prior version if necessary.
CMDB linking diagram

CMDB linking diagram vFire Officer allows users to view a graphical representation of relationships between CIs within the CMDB.