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Availability Management

ITIL process

Increasingly IT departments and service providers are being measured not just on the responsiveness of their Service Desks, but by the amount of time that key business services are available to its users.

vFire Core allows you to accurately track availability in a very powerful, yet easy-to-use way.

Business benefits:

  • Increased customer satisfaction by meeting service commitments using powerful Availability SLAs
  • Enhanced reputation of the IT department within the business
  • Optimized resources enabling IT to provide services when required
Availability Management in vFire has PinkVERIFY™ accreditation

vFire provides:

  • planned and unplanned outages support.
  • simulated outages to risk assess changes.
  • a "Cause Finder" to find common infrastructure between affected services
  • support during contracted and un-contracted hours.
  • sophisticated Availability SLAs and targets.
  • highly visual Availability indicators throughout the application.
  • the ability to automatically create outages through the vFire workflow builder.
  • full outage tracking and Availability reporting
Availability Management - Outage Simulation

Availability Management - Outage Simulation

Cause Finder

Cause Finder

View outages within your CMDB

View outages within your CMDB Simulate outages to risk assess changes and pinpoint the root cause of multiple outages within your infrastructure.