Alemba - Service Management as a Service

Service Management as a Service

At your service.

Alemba’s Service Management as a Service (SMaaS) facility puts the administration and configuration of your Service Management solution in the hands of highly-skilled specialists, allowing you to get on with business as usual.

“The Alemba consultant is very patient in his approach and, due to his background as a Service Desk Manager, his recommendations and advice have been insightful and enabled us to work in a more progressive way”

Service Desk Manager, Leading global financial specialist

What is SMaaS?

Alemba’s Service Management as a Service (SMaaS) facility is a unique offering in the Service Management market and provides a complete managed service to run and administer your Enterprise Service Management solution.

Alemba goes far above and beyond Software as a Service, offering a full Service Management solution as a Service. With SMaaS, Alemba provides remote administration and configuration services, removing the need for you to become a product expert.

Alemba acts not only as the administrator of the solution, but they are also the product owner and specialist. This means that if your business has a new service requirement, Alemba will perform the work for you.

For example, if you need to:

  • deliver a modified KPI report for a line manager
  • add a new service option to the service catalogue
  • implement new sign-off procedures within service workflows to accommodate a restructure

Highly-skilled specialists will complete all of these functions within defined Service Levels.

Who is it for?

The Alemba Service Management as a Service (SMaaS) solution has been built for customers with the following challenges:

  • You don’t want to be locked into a hosting platform. You may want to enter the cloud, but want the option to exit easily as well.
  • You want a best practice service management process and tool, and want to leverage the considerable process experience and tool expertise a vendor can deliver.
  • You have no spare resources to provide administration and configuration expertise.
  • You are exceeding your current administration capability and need to supplement your current service.
  • You are looking for an “out-sourced” or “managed service” Service Management solution.
  • You need to eliminate risk associated with a single-point-of-contact for administration capability.

Why Can Alemba Do It?

Alemba has the right mix of technology, people and processes to deliver an unrivalled managed Service Management solution.

“The Alemba SMaaS Team have continually provided us with quick-turnaround solutions to our Business Requirements. During scoping and solution discussions, we are always confident that each request will be met with a solution focused not only on our Service Provider needs, but also retaining a robust and user-friendly process for our own customers.”

Graeme Ellis, IT Operations Manager, BGC Partners


The service is powered by an Enterprise class Service Management solution, unmatched in its configurability and process governance and automation capabilities and proven in some of the largest and most complex organizations worldwide.


The service will be administered and configured by the dedicated Alemba Now team, who are highly experienced with the Alemba software, ensuring that it is both leveraged and configured in an optimum way, to help deliver the best value and service outcome for your business.


The service is underpinned by Service Management process models based on a combination of ITIL best practice and practical experience.

What Are the Cloud Deployment Options?

“We needed to quickly configure an on-line travel form for our HR team. We engaged Alemba, who reviewed our requirements and came back with a working prototype the next day.”

Service Delivery Manager, Large government department

Alemba is focused on providing choice and flexibility for your service Management requirements.

Alemba can deliver Service Management as a Service on an Alemba cloud platform or a cloud platform of your choice.

Service Management diagram