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Alemba Service Management

Service Management... your choice

At Alemba, we provide an Enterprise class software solution in the Cloud or On-premise and assist with every aspect of your Service Management needs, from software implementations to training, upgrades, maintenance and support.


  • Alemba Solutions support all levels of Service Management maturity
  • A proven and trusted Service Management platform
  • No Lock in. Flexibility to enter and exit the Cloud when you want to
Service Management diagram

Unrivalled Choice and Flexibility

Alemba’s flexible deployment model means that you will never be locked into a single platform. The Alemba Cloud model allows customers to move between the Alemba Cloud platform, third-party Cloud platforms, and On-premise platforms. Alemba makes it easy to enter and, just as importantly, exit the Cloud.

Installed App

Alemba enables you to own and operate the Alemba Service Manager solution entirely within your environment, whether On-premise or your Cloud.

This ensures that the solution fully complies with your organization’s infrastructure, risk and service levels, and gives you full control of the end-to-end platform.

Managed Administration Service

Whether you choose to deploy On-premise or in the Cloud, our on-demand service takes care of all the day-to-day administration and configuration of your Alemba Service Manager system. Let our team of highly skilled product experts ensure you always have the software configured in the best way, allowing you to focus on providing great service to your customers.

Software as a Service

Backed by a world-class Cloud provider, Alemba’s Software as a Service (SaaS) offering delivers a seamless solution to your business, removing the need to host, manage and patch your Alemba Service Manager environment.

Service Management as a Service

Alemba’s Service Management as a Service offering brings together the SaaS and Managed Administration services to provide a complete Managed Service solution. Service Management as a Service goes far above and beyond SaaS - it removes the need for you to become a product expert.