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Professional Services

Everything you need

Alemba’s highly experienced team enables us to deliver a comprehensive set of services to you:

  • Product Consultancy
    • Trusted advisors for advice on how to make best use of the application
    • Application configuration and process workshops
  • Product Development
    • Technical design and integration
    • Customizing the application to meet your needs
  • Project Management
    • Delivery ownership and direction
    • Planning and resource management
  • Project Coordination
    • Office-based coordination and delivery support for smaller engagements
  • Estimation and SOW (Statement of Work) Creation
  • Maintenance of standard or creation of customer-specific packages

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy and approach is founded upon the following principles:

  • We create self-sufficient customers by emphasizing enablement and skills transfer
  • We help customers obtain value from their investment and strive to minimize time-to-value
  • We improve the efficiency and quality of delivery through the creation of sustainable, repeatable and cost-effective practices

We are committed to shortening the path to success through agile implementation methods, and enable you to rapidly realize the benefits of your investment in Alemba’s software products.


Our education program and delivery model is shaped around tailored workshops, so we can collaborate on building your solution. This approach enables knowledge transfer at the right time, on time, every time.

Alemba PSO Credits

PSO Credits is a simple and competitive method of procuring and paying for Alemba Professional Services.

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